Know What Your Pets Are Thinking With an Intuitive Animal Communicator

Season #2

Do you ever wonder why your pets behave in certain ways? Are you curious what they are thinking? In this week's episode, we were graced with Intuitive Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer, Maribeth who has conducted over 1500 healing sessions. In her sessions, she leads pets - and their people - to a place of emotional, behavioral, and physical healing. This was definitely a fun episode to record! In this episode, we cover:

🎙Reiki I + II Certification Program starts July 23rd. Learn more here.

🎙Energy Update

🎙How animal readings differ from pets

🎙Can your pet reincarnate into one of your future pets?

🎙Do all pets pickup their owners personality traits?

🎙Are pets intuitive and do they have healing abilities?

🎙What are pets thinking about their owners on a daily basis?


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