$1,222.00 USD

Reiki Certification Course

[ Receive your Reiki I + II certification, activate your intuitive gifts and receive abundance for sharing your soul offerings with the world. ]

What you'll get:

✨6 LIVE Training Calls on how to be a successful energy healer

✨4 LIVE Activation Experiences to remove blocked chi and align your chakras

✨Certification for Reiki I + II

✨Full Access to Our Library of Resources such as Yoga Classes, Meditations, Breathwork, Ayurvedic Trainings, etc.

✨Invitation to Join our Spiritual Community Network

✨Opportunity to join our mini retreat weekend in Santa Monica, California

[ No refunds after purchase]


For those who have further questions before signing up, email Angelica at angelicaroseneri.com.

What People Are Saying:

My favorite part of the training was diving deeper into my intuitive gifts. WOW was it validating to share insights and messages I received and have them completely align with another's experience. I more deeply trust myself and feel extremely connected to the Reiki energy.

I was doubting my experience as a healer, but when I practiced reiki on another student and saw the SAME symbols and messages she received while I was working on her I was so confident in my abilities. I also hd such strong meditation experiences that completely validated my intense connect with source, the Akashic records, and my own healing needs.