Receive the healing power of reiki energy and intuitive messages from your spirit team.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that originated in Japan. Rei- means universal and ki- means lifeforce energy. Reiki is universal lifeforce energy that deeply heals and connects us to our true authentic selves.

The reiki energy clears energetic blockages in the aura and restores lifeforce energy. There are a multitude of experiences you can have with reiki energy, which is based on what type of healing you need in that moment. You may experience, but is not exclusive to, any of the below:


  • feeling calm, relaxed and grounded
  • feeling restored, refreshed and a blast of energy
  • unblocking your chakras and restoring your natural flow of energy
  • healing chronic conditions and accelerating the repair of bone tissue 
  • intuitive messages from visuals, colors, physical sensations (i.e. waves of energy, energetic breakages), strong inner knowings and words of wisdom

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