C'mon Baby Light My Fire (How to Activate Your Power Center)

May 23, 2023

Not only is Kapha Season a time to tend to the heart chakra, it is also a season for the solar plexus chakra πŸ”₯.

This is because the fire element rules the solar plexus chakra and in order to transform the dark + heaviness πŸͺ¨ of the winter into light ✨, we need to work with fire.

When you activate the fire element within, you activate your power center. You have the willpower to brings your visions to life ⭐, discipline to show up consistently for your soul purpose and strength to fully digest your food, emotions and thoughts.

These have been some of my favorite fire activating rituals this Kapha Season!

Well Spiced Foods πŸ”₯: There is an incredible, intelligence in herbs that activate our digestive enzymes and heal our digestion as a whole. When we cook with herbs, specifically with ghee, this golden carrier oil has the ability to amplify the properties of the herbs. My fave herbs for reducing gas and bloating and strengthening your digestive fire are cardamom, cumin, cinnamon and ginger. I tend to cook 90% of my meals at home, so I will either have a pre-blended spice to add to my dishes or quickly add 2-3 herbs per meal.

Core Exercises + Weight Lifting πŸ‹οΈ: There is nothing more empowering than building a strong core. Have you noticed that literally everything becomes easier when you do? Even just doing everyday practices like carrying the groceries or walking makes me feel like I am a superhero 🦸‍♀️! This immediately translates to my work. I know because I have conquered the discomfort and discipline of committing πŸ’ͺ to my physical practice, I have the strength to do the same in all aspects of my life.

Consistent Rituals ✍️: Plan and simple, my morning routine is LIFE. I find that I like to switch it up every season as my internal rhythms tend to shift with the seasons. Especially when I am travelling, I curate even a mini routine to stay grounded in my body and connected to Source πŸ˜‡. 

Devotion to Soul Purpose πŸ’: I think our culture has a skewed version of commitment and devotion. I often think people see devotion as an act of sacrificing our own needs and wants for the sake of others. You can read more about healing shame driven devotion in my upcoming blog post- "Healing the Inner Critic + Shame Cycle". Join my newsletter to be the first to receive! For me, devotion is surrendering everyday to how I want to authentically show up for my soul purpose. Sometimes that looks like creating content , other times its a long walk or hike in nature 🚢.

Owning + Boldly Sharing Your Unique Gifts 🎁: There is muchhh self doubt I witness when healers share their gifts with others. I notice this initially when my reiki healers start to tune into their intuitive gifts. They wonder if they are making things up or actually receiving divine messages. Later in a healer's career, it may still show up when we seek validation based on how many clients we have or followers on our social media pages. Acknowledging this self doubt is step one, then boldly claiming our gifts is step two. The more bold and golden ✨you are at expressing your soul gifts with others, the more you step into your authenticity and shine bright.

Hot Yoga 🧘‍♀️: I love ancient forms of Yoga that honor and respect the lineage from where it came from which is what I primarily teach in my full moon experiences (check out a FREE one here!). However, my body adores working up a good sweat with controlled movement and strength building exercises. My favorite way to detox and connect to my body is through hot yoga. If that makes me suchhh a western yogi, than so be it.


Now each dosha has their own unique relationship with the solar plexus chakra. Personally, as a Pitta native and lover of fire πŸ”₯, I am very familiar with this element. I THRIVE with practicing consistency and discipline and empowering myself how capable I am. However, I have to be sure this fire doesn't get out of controlllll aka outbursts of anger and frustration, inflammation of the body, etc. Rather than trying to eliminate the fire within, which I see often happens with Pittas. They are told they are too intense or too much, so they dim their light to a flicker πŸ•―οΈ. Learn how to work with your fire in healthy ways like expressing your anger by screaming into a pillow 😱 and finding a way to authentically share your soul gifts without putting pressure on getting a specific result.


What I have found with Vatas is that they love to curl up against a cozy fire and have warm, comforting foods 🍜. However, they may struggle initially with finding consistency in their rituals and routines. The key is to detach from what other's definition of consistency is and to find your own here. For example, showing up everyday for my soul purpose sometimes looks like working a full day of content creation. Other times, this looks like a day of self care, reiki healing experiences (receive a FREE one here) and nature walks. A lil accountability πŸ”Žfrom like-minded healers is also super supportive for Vatas building consistency as they loved to be inspired!


Kaphas may find the biggest resistance to inviting in the fire element initially. They are naturally made out of the opposite elements of earth 🌍and water 🌊 which are heavy and dense, so fire (hot + transformative) may feel foreign. With the help and encouragement of a nurturing community, I have seen Kaphas totally skyrocket their healing + spiritual journey. Because they want to be there for others just as they are for them, they show up consistently and strengthen their willpower.


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