How a Healthcare Provider Went From Burnout to Three Businesses

healing stories Jun 06, 2022
Angelica was brought into my life truly by divine intervention. At that time, I was working as a Reiki and healthcare provider at the beginning of the pandemic in New York City. I was exhausted, disconnected, and completely consumed by my work environment. I was out of alignment physically, emotionally and spiritually. The amount of stress was constant and unrelenting, and I found myself more burnt out than at any other time in my life.
Angelica’s intuitive wisdom offered support of my many ailments, balancing my elements with ease. My migraines ceased, chronic digestive issues improved, and skin began to glow. Things that I had dealt with my entire life disappeared before my eyes, just by allowing my energy to come back into alignment. She taught me how to understand what my body was telling me, which empowered me to be an active participant in my own healing journey. 
I began to notice how I had been treating myself, how I had prioritized everyone else’s needs above my own. She taught me that it was okay (and necessary) for me to carve out space for myself as well. Her insights allowed me to look more deeply into my own core wounds, to discover the limiting beliefs that had been keeping me small my entire life, and gave me the courage to heal them.
Her influence has forever changed the way I practice and view medicine. My root cause assessment of each disease is so much deeper, focusing not only on underlying toxins and pathogens, but on energy patterns, and the patients connection to spirit.
After working with Angelica, my fear of being seen began to dissipate and I was finally able to step into my potential. I have since started three business and written two books.  I am forever grateful for her guidance.
So Much Love,