My Healing Journey

ayurveda healing stories intuition reiki Mar 17, 2022

My early 20s were filled with thrilling nights drinking, dancing and laughing with friends until the sun would come up. I loved being swept into the mystery of what the night could bring. Most importantly, I loved connecting and being around my friends. Even though our party scene seemed superficial, I thoroughly enjoyed the nights we connected on a deeper level talking about the cosmos or the meaning of life.

But the time came when the heavy, nauseous, guilt driven feeling of the morning after (or days to come) would be unbearable. As soon as I turned 23, I swear my hangovers doubled in size and intensity. It also became more difficult to live my double, Hannah Montana life. By day I was your spiritual yoga instructor and by night I was your disco, party queen. I felt like I wasn’t being honest with who I was and needed to make changes in my life.

When I first began to give up my party lifestyle, a deep sadness came over me. I wished so deeply I could be like some of my other friends, unaffected by the choices they made the night prior and continuing the same fun life we enjoyed together.

But I could not ignore the strong voice within me that said, I wasn’t really living my life to the fullest. This voice would show up in my life in many forms.

The first one that caught my attention was the voice of my body. At the time, I had painful IBS symptoms and amenorrhea (lack of menses for at least 3 months, for me it was 3 years.) This affected me on a daily basis of irregular BMs, awful digestion, low hormones and virtually no energy.

The second voice spoke through my emotions. I felt a chaotic fluctuations between high anxiety and low depressive states week over week.

And the third voice quite literally spoke directly to me in meditation and said, ‘you need to stop drinking alcohol and partying’.

I started to make gradual changes in my life, and because I listened to the voice within, she grew stronger. That same voice pulled me to a front row seat in Ayurveda school, which is exactly what my highest Self needed to heal my body + mind.

I healed my digestion, received my period and felt the most grounded I had in years once I began my healing journey with Ayurveda. For a moment, I thought, at last, I am HEALED. That’s is, I did it.

I wasn’t tempted to go back to my old lifestyle, because I felt amazing in my Ayurvedic one and felt committed to stay on this path. I had the perfect morning and night time routine, practiced yoga, ate Ayurvedically… My lifestyle went from the party queen to the balanced healer.

But a few years later, I noticed that I lost my period again, started to gain weight, felt depression waves and experienced adrenal fatigue. I was consistent with all my Ayurvedic rituals and habits, why was this happening to me?

At this time, I was an Ayurvedic Practitioner, which made it hard to even admit that my body was out of balance. To me, that meant that I was a failure. How did I not know how to fully heal myself?

But a valuable lesson I learned and am still learning is to always trust my intuition as my golden compass. The voice that had told me to stop drinking and partying and sign up for Ayurveda school was saying something different now. However, I had been avoiding this voice because it seemed to go against the Ayurvedic rituals and habits I had initially learned in Ayurveda School. But, the more I avoided this voice, the louder my body would speak to me.

So I surrounded myself in a lot of stillness in 2020 and 2021 and listened to my intuition. First, my intuition pulled me to start following the Medical Medium. This was actually a pull for a few years, but I had resisted the calling. Second, my intuition pulled me to start studying Vedic Astrology, the sister science to Ayurveda. And lastly, my intuition had been telling me to follow more women leaders in Ayurveda and adopt a new perspective of my most beloved science.

Low and behold, from following my intuition I began to see massive improvements in my healing journey. I shed some weight, had stable and consistent energy and was receiving my period more regularly. I also felt more connected to my mind + body than ever before. And most importantly, I had reconnected with my most brillant teacher (my intuition) and never had to worry about ‘not healing’ again.

The lesson here is simple and easy. If you want to heal, you must put your intuition above everything else. No science or Guru can come first. Even an intuitive science like Ayurveda can be practiced in a way that goes against your intuition.

This is why I are SO passionate about teaching the Divine Feminine form of Ayurveda and being a healer. This isn’t a program to teach you what is right or wrong for your mind + body, because eventually, that leads to you denying your intuition and strayed away from your healing journey. This is a deeply transformative program to teach you how to listen and strengthen your intuition in collaboration with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Yoga and Reiki.

Whether you are healing your emotional body, physical body, energetic body or all the above, this program will deeply transform you. The best part is that this transformation doesn’t just end after our six months together. These six months provide you the tools and techniques you will need to heal yourself and others no matter what season of life you are in.

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—-When you honor the Guru within, you mend the most sacred relationship there is. The one with you and your Self.—-