The Most Common Chakra Imbalances for Women Healers

chakras healing stories spiritual Apr 28, 2022

Since I first learned about the chakra system a decade ago, I instantly realized the profound connection between the sacral and throat chakra. At the time, I had been blocked in both of these energy centers. My sacral chakra block was visible as amenorrhea, lack of menses, as well as a total lack of boundaries that led to burnout. My throat chakra block showed up as obvious as frequently losing my voice, difficulty having others understand me and a lack of confidence expressing my gifts.

This was when I first began my journey as a healer and I was a FT yoga instructor. I said yes to subbing and teaching any class handed to me while saying yes to every social event possible. Burning both ends of the candle. I also was sooo afraid that others didn't want to hear my voice and wisdom to share in my yoga classes. So, I would crank turn the music up so loud, you couldn't hear me talking over it. Clearly this led me to losing my voice all the time.

As with all obstacles, it points us in the direction to our greatest opportunities. As I started on my quest to heal my female reproductive system with Ayurveda, Yoga and Reiki, I learned the art of saying 'no', clearly expressing my needs and wants and preserving my sovereignty. This strengthened my inner knowing and opportunity to express my gifts as the successful healer I always knew myself to be. 

The more women I guided to heal, the more I realized how frequently women are blocked in these new chakra portals. Why is this?

If you look structurally at the pelvis (2nd chakra) and the vocal chords (5th chakra), you see how they both resemble the image of a triangle. Our pelvis is where our intuition lies and we identify our deep needs and wants and our voicebox is where we clearly articulate these needs and wants with others. In the pelvis, we realize our power and in the voicebox we express it. The womb is where we learn what our boundaries are and the throat is where we visibly set them.


There are infinite connections with the womb and throat and it is a huge part of the work I do with my clients. Are you blocked in these chakra portals? Are you willing to transform these challenges into your greatest superpowers? 


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Angelica Rose

The Divine Feminine Healer