How I Became a Healer

healing stories Apr 05, 2022

I started intensely practicing yoga 12 years ago. Having been a nationally acclaimed, competitive dancer my whole life, I was seeking a deeper connection with my mind and body and an outlet to release my emotions. Yoga teacher training changed me and attending yoga class every morning before my regular 9-5 job was the best part of my day. I remember lying in Savasana one time dreaming that I could live at the yoga studio all day and be just like my sweet and blissed out manager of the yoga studio.

At the time that idea was far fetched from my 9-5 career where I was living completely out of alignment with my body, mind and spirit and had no sense of boundaries. I put my boss' needs before my own and felt terrified to express my needs and wants. When I did tell my boss I needed to take a half day off, she shamed and guilted me that I was not committed enough to my work. I struggled leaving the job for fear of being labelled a failure and guilty for pursuing a job that actually brought me joy and because of it, my body paid the price. I was constantly getting sick and had no period for two years. After finally being pushed to my edge of being completely miserable and depressed at work, I quit my job. That day I reached out to my yoga studio manager, and she said she had a spot opening up to be a yoga instructor at the studio.

The idea of being a yoga instructor was completely liberating and terrifying to me at the same time. I received my under-graduate degree in Business Marketing, what the hell I was thinking becoming a yoga instructor? What would my family and friends say about me completely changing my career? Will people even like and attend my classes?

The trust and voice within me to take this risk was somehow stronger than my fear, guilt and shame and completely guided me through the process.This trust in my intuition is now the foundational element I come back to during every new transition in my life and serves as the compass for all my decisions.

Becoming a FT yoga instructor led me to lead over 10 yoga teacher trainings and eventually manage my own yoga studio as I dreamed years ago. After a year or so in my newly aligned career, my body spoke to me again. I had been loosely diagnosed with IBS (also known as alternating between constipation and diarrhea, gas, bloating, etc.) and had not received my period in three years. This time, I knew to listen to my intuition (despite the same fear, guilt and shame stories showing up again) and enrolled to become a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor at one of the most well-known Ayurveda Colleges in the country. 

I healed my digestive issues but was still trying to receive my period again. I listened to the strong voice within and was guided to become a Reiki Master. The day after one my attunements, I received my period. That pivotal moment reminded me that my body always knows the way. Not only were the ancient healing modalities of Yoga, Ayurveda and Reiki healing me on a physical and emotional level, they were setting me up to be the successful intuitive healer I was born to be.

I now have healed over 100's of client sessions with the blend of these modalities and watched it completely transform their lives. From leaving unfulfilling marriages to aligning with the career path that feeds their soul, the miracles keep unfolding. But even going beyond these genius sciences, the most important principle is trusting your intuition above all else. This is the heart of what I teach in my double certification program.

Yes, you may be afraid of being seen as a healer, afraid of what others will think and doubt your healing abilities. You may feel guilty putting your own dreams and desires first. But the voice of your intuition will trump any fear and bring you more joy and fulfillment than you could ever have imagined.

My life path is unconventional to say the least, but I am beyond proud of how successful I have became at guiding others to heal their female reproductive imbalances, build strong boundaries and above all, trust your intuition.


Angelica Rose