Is It Your Intuition or Your Ego?

Season #2

The key to success as an energy healer is being able to distinguish the voice of your ego vs. the voice of your intuition. However, this isn't an overnight thing where you wake up one day knowing exactly what your intuition feels, sounds, looks and is. So in today's episode, I am giving you the fundamental techniques you can use to distinguish the voice of your intuition and also some hot tips for strengthening your intuition🎙. In this episode, we cover:

🎙the difference between your ego voice vs. intuition

🎙why boundaries are fundamental to being successful as an energy healer

🎙what happens when your aura is clouded with other's energies

🎙how to protect yourself from foreign energies

🎙ancient systems that help you to know your own energy and intuition

🎙the four main intuitive gifts you can have and how to tap into them

🎙hot tips for strengthening your intuition


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