This ONE strategy makes everything easier in your business

Season #2

Identifying your ideal client doesn't sound like an exciting topic, but it sure feels that way once you have feel good when creating your content strategy, receive high engagement on your IG and start making sales from your offer. I usually see my spiritual entrepreneurs resist this step the most, because they want to be for everyone! Or, they tell me that they have a wide range of clients. Well, in this episode, we will dive into everything you need to know about how to identify your niche and bring clarity and ease into your biz! In this episode, we dive into:

🎙️why your IG has low engagement

🎙️what happens when you keep trying to create new offers

🎙️how to get unstuck when creating a content strategy

🎙️what a generalized niche sounds like vs. a clear and specific one

🎙️one simple strategy for identifying your niche


Want more support in identifying your niche? DM @angelica_feminine_healer and I will share how I help women find their ideal client and create an intuitive marketing strategy for their IG.


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