Organically Attract Clients with a PR expert + Set Healthy Client Boundaries

Season #2

I am so stoked to have the PR expert, Ali Moresco on the pod today. Alex Moresco, founder of Moresco Public Relations + Communications, brings a wealth of experience spanning entertainment PR, talent relations, and healthcare PR. With a background in Public Relations, Advertising, and Journalism, along with an MA in Public Relations and Advertising from DePaul University, she has worked with renowned companies such as Nike, Complex Magazine, and Facebook Watch. I wanted to get Ali's advice on how to leverage PR practices for our wellness entrepreneurs out there. This episode is a GOLDMINE for effortless tactics to bring in new clients. In this episode, we cover:


  • Energy Update with Angelica
  • what is PR + how can it benefit your business
  • how Ali started her first celebrity PR firm at age 21
  • 3 boundary practices to call in more aligned clients
  • best PR practices for new spiritual business owners + how it can bring in new clients
  • how to make an income as a micro wellness influencer
  • 2024 business trends and beyond!


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