Full Moon Eclipse Update + Step into Your 2.0 Version

Season #2

This full moon eclipse lands on the same week as we enter Spring Equinox. Change is afoot, can you feel the tectonic plates shifting underneath you? Eclipses are a time to go inward to notice what is alchemizing, so you can prepare for how it is reflected in your physical reality. Landing in Virgo, the Goddess of cleansing and tending to the home, this is a time to create space in and out of your body and ground into your new 2.0 version. Let's dive in, in this episode, we cover:


🎙the significance of Spring Equinox and how to change diet + lifestyle practices to feel light and energized

🎙what does eclipse season mean for highly sensitive beings + healers?

🎙intuitive messages for the collective

🎙how to move with change when you want to cling to old habits and beliefs

🎙Full Moon in Virgo and how this is a time for healing all bodies: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual

🎙how to tame the inner perfectionist

🎙meeting the fear of reaching your fullest potential + fear of failure

🎙journal prompts for the full moon

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