6 Ways to Get Unstuck In Your Biz For Kapha Season

Season #2

Happy Spring Equinox 🌷🐰! In the northern hemisphere, this marks a distinct time where we shift from the heaviness of winter into the lightness of Spring. Naturally, my body always wants to linger in the heaviness before making the shift. I notice myself having difficulty getting up in the morning 🥱, resisting movement practices 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ and avoiding social interactions. All of these being the very antidote to happiness and healing for this time of year. As healers, we know how to move energy. So if your business is a reflection of your body, wouldn't it be time for a lil spring cleaning for your biz 😉? Let's explore what this looks like. In this episode, we cover:


🎙why you may feel sluggish, heavy and stuck

🎙signs you have a Kapha imbalance

🎙how to identify a Kapha imbalance in your business

🎙6 ways to get unstuck in your business + move forward

🎙how to clear self sabotaging habits

🎙what to do when you are stuck in a creative rut

🎙how to stay motivated

🎙what to do when you are tired of helping clients with just the physical imbalances

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