So you got your healing certification, now what?

Season #2

So you got your healing certification and the hard part is over right? 🤔 You can finally start doing what you love! But where do you begin? How do you start getting in clients? What if you want to build a business online 💻, so you have the ease and flexibility of an entrepreneur? How do you build an IG and grow with the ever changing algorithm? I got you, listen up 🤓. Today we will dive into the 3 essential elements you need to get started with your healing business. In this episode I cover:


🎙how I started my healing business after getting my Ayurvedic Practitioner cert

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🎙3 easy steps to start your healing business today

🎙how to build confidence in yourself as a healer

🎙what to do if you can't get in any clients

🎙how I found my voice as a healer

🎙what does it truly mean to fulfill your soul's purpose

🎙what to do if you hate job but your healing biz isn't supporting you

🎙why a balanced root chakra is essential for starting your business

🎙why moving to LA allowed me to grow my business



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