Can I Get in New Clients Without an IG?

Season #2

As intuitives, you may think initially that if something doesn't feel good, you need to run in the opposite direction 🏃🏻‍♂️. But, I've realized that the stuff I am MOST adverse to doing is usually the one that becomes the most pivotal for my business 🫣. I do think there are plenty of ways to get in clients without an IG strategy. However, if you are using IG as your main social media platform, I guarantee that is where your future clients are. This means that your resistance to showing up on IG is really just a fear of putting yourself out there. So let's dive into how you can recognize this sneaky fear and start posting authentically on IG without being too sales-y or generic. In this episode, I cover:


🎙why I didn't show my face on IG the first year of my business

🎙my first IG debut and how I broke the internet

🎙why you don't like posting on IG

🎙alternative to getting in new clients besides IG

🎙the fear of being seen for Vatas, Kaphas and Pittas

🎙how to face that one person you would be terrified of seeing your content

🎙tips to market authentically on IG for Vatas, Kaphas and Pittas

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