Are you stuck in a creative rut or burnt out?

Season #2

One of the most challenging parts of identifying an energetic imbalance in Ayurveda is managing when multiple doshas are out of balance 😵‍💫. While we may feel pulled to start healing the dosha that seems to be on the surface, Ayurveda is a science that always recommends to heal the root cause ❤️ first. If you can heal this, all the other energies can fall into better alignment, just as you would treat the root of a plant 🌱rather than the rotten leaves. A common imbalance I see is when a Pitta has been in a state of burn out for so long, eventually a Kapha imbalance starts to arise. Suddenly you feel stagnant in your business pursuits, creatively blocked and may even be putting on extra weight. While the impulse may be to treat this as a Kapha imbalance, the Ayurvedic way is to treat the root as a Pitta imbalance. In today's episode, I dive into the mechanics of these imbalances and how to methodically heal. In this episode, I cover:


🎙how to navigate having multiple doshas out of balance

🎙the symptoms of Pitta who is burnt out

🎙why a Pitta imbalance can turn into a Kapha

🎙signs of a Kapha imbalance in your body and business

🎙how to strategically heal a Pitta and Kapha imbalance in your business and body

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