Overcoming the Fear of Being Too Spiritual as a Vata Entrepreneur

Season #2

My sweet, Vata client, Lindsey Smith graced us with her presence on the pod this week. Lindsey is a spiritual mentor, herbalist and also has her own apothecary line for floral essences. She largely relates to the Vata dosha, which means a big challenge coming into the entreprenuial space was learning to trust herself and that her spiritual gifts were valuable enough for her clients. She has extraordinary story of overcoming her fear of being seen and gives us tools to how to constantly build a relationship with that fear. In this episode, we dive into:

🎙Energy Update: New Moon in Capricorn + forward, ambitious energy for the next month ⚡️

🎙Why connecting with the divine masculine strengthens relationship to divine feminine

🎙What inspired Lindsey to leave corporate finance world and start her own spiritual mentorship business

🎙The fear of being seen as a spiritual healer and how Lindsey overcame this by putting her face out on IG

🎙Reclaiming the word God and building a real relationship with God

🎙How the fear of being seen is showing up currently for Lindsey


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Lindsey's apothecary + Lindsey's IG