Most Common Mistakes in Manifestation + How to Create Clear Visions for 2024

Season #2

I love the electric energy of 2024 with everyone starting their goals for the year. But the statistic that 80% of people fall of their goals by mid February, saddens me deeply. What if the reason wasn't because you were lazy or not capable of achieving your goals? What if you just needed to better understand yourself and how you succeed best:? I am breaking down why this statistic is true and how you can break the stereotype. In this episode, we cover:


🎙why everyone drops off mid Feb with their goals

🎙Manifestation + Goal Setting Workshop- get your recording here

🎙Most common mistakes with manifestation

🎙the tendency to run away from your problems + how to overcome the fear of facing them

🎙How to customize your goals based on your energy type. Take my Ayurvedic Energy Type Quiz.

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🎙Kapha Dosha (Earth + Water Signs)--> tips for how to get started with your goals

🎙Pitta Dosha (Fire Signs)--> tips for how to avoid burnout with your goals

🎙Vata Dosha (Air Signs)--> tips for how to stay consistent with yoiur goals

🎙Download Your 2024 Vision Guide to map and track out your goals



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