How to Maintain Boundaries During the Holidays

Season #2

This season brings the utimate joy in our lives, but I also notice that this is the time of year that my boundaries are tested the most. I love to indulge but overindulging leaves me feeling heavy. I love hanging out with family and friends but when I neglate my alone time, I feel disconnected from my intuition. So I am breaking down how we can still experience the bliss of the holidays while also staying in balanced. In this episode, I cover:

🎙what causes us to be out of balance during the holidays

🎙tips for editting your rituals when you are home for the holidays

🎙the higher reason for why Vatas tend to be flaky

🎙recommendations for building strong boundaries for Vatas

🎙why Pittas want to do it all

🎙recommendations for building strong boundaries for Pittas

🎙why Kaphas end up feeling resentment

🎙recommendations for building strong boundaries for Kaphas

🎙last chance to enroll in Reiki 1 + 2 certification


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