What Every Dosha Needs for the Holidays

Season #2

Happy holidays beauties! I love this time of year. There is so much joy swirling around with music, decorations, events and gift giving. Giving gifts to the people that you love the most brings no greater feeling! So of course, I am breaking down what the best gift to give for each dosha is, so you can feel all the love during the holidays and save those of you who have some last minute gift shopping to do! There are also recommendations for how each dosha can stay in balance over the holiday craze. In this episode we dive into:

🎙Current Energy Update: New Moon in Scorpio

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🎙The Vata Dosha + best gifts + tips for balance

🎙The Pitta Dosha + best gifts + tips for balance

🎙The Kapha Dosha + best gifts + tips for balance


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