Keep Your Energy Clear for the Holidays

Season #2

The holidays are definitely a time when you can feel out exhausted, burnt out and fatigued. In our western society, this time of year sometimes calls for a lot of external output. As healers, this can feel especially foreign to us because nature is showing us to go inward, to take time to pause and slow down. On top of that, healers are already highly sensitive to other's energies and constantly working with other's energies, so it is easy to become disconnected from our body and full of foreign energies. I wanted to share my favorite energy clearing practices this week and give you personalized recommendations for your energy type, so you can stay shiny and clear this holiday season! In this episode, I share:

🎙Activate Your Intuition Masterclass- Receive immediate access to my 1.5 hour masterclass to learn my 4 step in process to activate your intuition. This is half a training and half an experience, so you can actually feel a shift in energy after class!

🎙Podcast introducing Ayurveda + learning your dosha type

🎙Signs your energy needs to be cleared

🎙Five practices to clear your energy

🎙Why nature is the ultimate healer

🎙Kapha Energy Tips

🎙Pitta Energy Tips

🎙Vata Energy Tips


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