3 Action Steps for Consistency as a Vata Entrepreneur

Season #2

You know that feeling of having a million ideas for your spiritual business but being paralyzed as to which one to act on first 🤯? How about the feeling like you are constantly behind and just trying to keep up 🏃🏻‍♂️ with your to-do list and monthly goals? And let's not forget about the feeling of wanting to have a social media plan 💻, but then jumping ship when it is time to sit down and create one. If this is you, listen to this episode to get clear action steps on how to organize, focus and ground your spiritual business this Vata Season.


🎙Energy update for eclipse season + why there are so many changes occurring doing this time

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🎙What does it mean to be a Vata entrepreneur

🎙Why Vatas love to be inconsistent

🎙How to be authentically consistent as a Vata

🎙My 3 action steps for staying consistent in my business



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