Achieving Financial Success by Balancing Your Hormones

Season #2

This week we have Jenn Pike on the podcast! Jenn is a functional medicine practitioner who specializes in women's hormones and female practitioners and businesses. You know I love talking about the connection between our bodies and our business, so I was stoked to have on a successful entrepreneur who is thriving in her business with balanced hormones. In this episode, we dive into:


🎙Eclipse Season Update - Why this time of year brings change, insights and shifts

🎙Vata Masterclass for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Join my Vata Masterclass for entrepreneurs to feel grounded, focused and organized in your business

🎙Jenn's personal journey with healing her hormones and her struggle with the luteal phase: exhaustion, strong inner critic, impatient, angry, etc.

🎙The part of your cycle that is most important to focus on to heal PMS symptoms

🎙How to pivot your business when you are burnt out

🎙How Jenn meets her goals while also having time to rest

🎙Achieving more financial and spiritual success once Jenn aligned her business to her hormones

🎙Fundamental practices as a Projector entrepreneur


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