Vata Healing Meditation

Season #2

Feeling flighty, anxious or overwhelmed? We are transitioning into Vata Season, which means we are more sensitive to having Vata imbalances like these. However, with the beautiful science of Ayurveda, it is the perfect opportunity to get organized, reset your morning and night time routines, relieve bloating, gas and constipation, heal insomnia and go inward.


If you'd like support in transitioning into Vata Season, you can now access my Vata Healing Masterclass for just $33. This is an hour long class to learn what exactly to eat and how to cook to relieve bloating, gas and constipation, what lfiestyle practices heal insomnia, anxiety and overwhelm and what spiritual practices strengthen your intuition and ground you into your body. Plus there is a free guided meditation that you can use to add to your morning routine!


As a gift, I wanted to share a Vata Healing Meditation for all of you to stay grounded this Fall Season. This meditation uses vedic techniques to balance the nervous system and strengthen your intuition. Enjoy!


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