Breaking Old Habits + Getting Organized for Vata Season

Season #2

Happy Full Moon in Pisces! The energy right now is all about getting grounded, organized and focused this Fall Season. However, many of us can actually feel the opposite during this time of year. We can actually feel more anxious and bloated and have difficulty sleeping if we do not change our habits and lifestyle practices to align with Fall. We dive into how to break old habits that are contributing to these (Vata) imbalances and learn how to feel grounded and warm this season. In this episode, we cover:


🎙Why you may be feeling anxious, bloated and overwhelmed right

🎙What does this full moon in Pisces mean for us?

🎙How to observe your subconscious mind + identify toxic behaviors

🎙Step by step process for transforming unhealthy habits

🎙How to effectively execute your goals

🎙Join my Vata Season Masterclass to feel grounded, organized and focused this Fall



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