6 Rituals for Vata Season

Season #2

On September 21st, we officially enter the Fall Equinox, which means hello- Vata Season! In the West, there is no way to miss this season with pumpkin spiced everything and holiday decorations already on display. What I love is that the intuitive love for Fall Season comes back to the most ancient science in the world, Ayurveda. Ayurveda teaches us how to align this season by making small adjustments to our diet and lifestyle practices. Here are six rituals I am leaning into to stay balanced this Vata Season!


🎙The intuitive reason of why we love Fall Season

🎙The best foods to incorporate into your diet for Vata Season

🎙Why establishing a morning routine is vital for restful sleep and eliminating insomnia

🎙How a night time routine is even more important for Vata imbalances

🎙FREE grounding meditation for those with insomnia

🎙What is grounding? How to create grounding rituals for your unique body?

🎙How to make your meditation Vata pacifying

🎙The benefits of going inward and connecting to your intuition


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