Life Update: Breaking Veganism + Sobriety

Season #2

I shall this my joy era! I recently celebrated my solar return, which means it is time for a life update. I have had significant changes in my diet, lifestyle and identity as a healer this year, and this episode I am here to dish it all. In this episode we dive into:


🎙why I am calling this my joy era

🎙childhood wounding of feeling guilty for experiencing pleasure

🎙the subconscious belief of needing to be the 'good girl' projected as the 'pure healer'

🎙my podcast episode from restrictive eating to intuitive eating

🎙my podcast episode on why I was alcohol free for 2 years + the benefits

🎙why my intuition told me to start eating meat again

🎙why I broke 2 years of being alcohol free

🎙what it means to be spiritual


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