Stepping Into Your Power for Leo Season

Season #2

We are in the magical midst of summertime, which is my favorite time of year! I just celebrated my solar return and now am preparing for a very fiery, Leo season ahead. Leo is related to our relationship to power, leadership and visibility. While this energy is perfect for manifestation and creation, that is only possible by first reflecting on our relationship to power. Where are you giving away your power, subconsciously and consciously? How is this impacting your relationships and spiritual business? I Dive into it all in this episode and share my personal relationship with how I gave away my power throughout my personal and business life. In this episode, we dive into:

🎙My reflections and intentions for the start of my new (birth) year

🎙Current energy update

🎙What Vedic Astrology has to say about the Lion's Gate

🎙What is required before the practice of manifestation

🎙My Catholic wound of striving to be a perfect 'good girl'

🎙How my veganism, strict spiritual regimes and abstinence were apart of my perfectionist wound

🎙Breaking free of perfectionist tendencies on your healing journey

🎙How perfectionist tendencies trickled into my business

🎙The results of ignoring feelings of shame

🎙Coping with guilt when not in productivity mode


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