From Vegan to Intuitive Eating

Season #2

My diet has done a complete 180 in the past couple of months and has made me feel more connected to my body and mind than ever before. Ultimately, I believe that everyone needs to follow their intuition as to what diet is best for them, which will change during different periods of their life. I wanted to take you all through my journey and relationship with my diet these past couple of years, because I know so many of us are going through similiar cycles. In this episode I dive into:


🎙Energy Update with Saturn going in Rx + upcoming new moon

🎙why I gave up meat 10 years ago

🎙what inspired me to start eating healthy sources of protein and fats again

🎙how my diet shifted my hormones

🎙why I was gluten free for 10 years + how it effected me

🎙how my European diet changed my perspective completely

🎙the Ayurvedic principles that have healed my digestion the most

🎙shifting away from restrictive eating to joyful eating

🎙redefining intuitive eating

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