How to Heal Pitta Dosha + Align with Pitta Season

Season #2

Pitta season is almost here! We are officially in Pitta Season on Summer Solstice, June 21st. However, you may already be feeling nature's shifts with earlier sunrise, hotter temps and abundant flower blooms. If you resonate with having a predominant Pitta dosha or current pitta imbalance, this time of year can bring you more inflammation, acne, chronic conditions flares, hot temperatures, anger, harsh inner critic voice and heat exhausation. Thank the heavens the lovely science of Ayurveda gives us the preventative medicine we need to feel calm, cool and collective this summer. In this episode, we cover:

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🎙Pitta imbalances that happen in the summer

🎙3 simple adjustments to start making to your diet and lifestyle routine to align with Pitta Season

🎙How Pitta dosha relates to sacral chakra healing

🎙How high estrogen relates to a Pitta imbalance and hormonal health

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