Astrological Update + Reiki Healing

Season #2

We are officially in eclipse season, which started Wednesday, April 19th with our solar new moon eclipse in Aries. Eclipse season is an important portal for deep spiritual insights and transformations. This time period can sometimes feel like the rug is being pulled out from underneath you. However, with the right tools and understanding, we can release what is not meant for us and catapult ourselves further into soul alignment! In this episode we dive into:


🎙What is eclipse season + why it brings transformation

🎙Tips for how to navigate the current transits and energy (especially if you've been feeling overwhelmed)

🎙What this new moon energy is forecasting for us these next few weeks

🎙How to maximize on your manifestations + why it is important to do it now

🎙How to get unstuck + why you may be feeling stuck right now

🎙Reiki Healing for releasing energetic blockages + connecting to your soul's desires

🎙Divine message for those tuning in!


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