Overcoming Spiritual Trauma for Intuitives

Season #2

In this solocast, I go in depth on what blocks us from our intuition. If I ever hear women having difficulty connecting with their intuition and receiving messages, I know it stems from spiritual trauma. This can be brought up with a specific religious background that brought trauma and harm to them and/or their family. This may also be other systems and/or mentors you have outsourced your power to. These choices close off the voice of your divine intelligence. However, when you have the desire to explore spirituality and open up your intuition again, it is more than possible. Here is my story.

🎙how my Christian/Catholic upbringing shaped my relationship with God

🎙the harm, shame and blame I experienced with my religious upbringing

🎙why I felt triggered by the word God and how I reclaimed that name

🎙how I repeated this pattern of outsourcing my power with Ayurveda

🎙rediscovering God and building my own intimate relationship with him

🎙why building an unshakeable connection with our intuition is essential for building your spiritual biz

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