Creating Successful Habits as an Entrepreneur

Season #2

Megan is a certified Holistic Health Coach creating comprehensive individualized protocols based off functional lab work and for teaching women how to take control of their health through simple, straightforward, and actionable steps. She is also the founder of Zesty Ginger, a company founded on the principles of compassionate transformation. They help women restore optimal health through a combination of functional medicine, mindset and subconscious reprogramming.  


In this episode we dive into:

🎙Energy Update: Spring Equinox + why you may still feeling heavy + lethargic. Join the Activate Your Intuitive Gifts Masterclass to learn how to turn on your intuitive gifts and receive channeled message from your guides.


🎙How to heal from flight/fight response and maintain a calm, inner environment


🎙The number one thing keeping you stuck from manifesting your desires


🎙Successful habits for entrepreneurs + manifesting tips


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