How an Empath + Energy Healer Healed Her Throat Chakra

Season #2

Erin is  trained in, and trained with, many teachers and modalities over the years including theta healing, transcendental meditation, reiki, EFT, muscle testing, bio-resonance healing, and many shamanic healing practices. But none of it compares to what her  soul, death and rebirth experiences hves taught her. She believes  we each possess a unique blueprint in this life, and her job is to support others in having full access to it and to uncover their  greatest potential. In 2012, she began her  life as a nomad, sharing her  gifts of cacao, healing and music internationally. This lifestyle continues to this day, and sheI moves where her  spirit moves her, trusting the unknown, living primarily in the US and Thailand. In this episode we dive into:

🎙Energy Update: how to balance the energy of kapha season


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🎙Erin’s journey living a nomadic lifestyle and how she created her own ‘trust fund’


🎙Erin’s unique gift of channeling star systems +  sound frequencies through her voice


🎙Benefits of sound frequency healing and how its an immediate upgrade


🎙HSPs + empaths as victims vs. empowered beings


🎙How to build boundaries as an emapth


🎙Erin’s favorite energy clearing techniques


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