How I Stepped Into My Power as an Intuitive Healer + Business Owner

Season #2

Solocast this week! I always get asked the question of how I got into Ayurveda or when my spiritual/healing journey began. It is such an interesting question, since I can relate to spiritual experiences in my childhood. But nonetheless, I understand how important it is to hear everyone’s story and know that you are not alone. This episode I share my karmic pattern of giving away my power to external sources, relationships and entities and how I stepped into my power as an intuitive healer and spiritual business owner. In this episode I share:


🎙My first spiritual experiences as a child


🎙Transitioning from my job in Fashion PR to FT Yoga Studio Manager


🎙What belief systems kept me in a frequent cycle of burnout


🎙How I made the leap to start my own business


🎙My biggest initiation process of splitting from my business partner


🎙How I faced my biggest fears


🎙My vision for the Divine Feminine Healer’s Academy


🎙What is the Divine Feminine Healer’s Certification Program


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