The Ayurvedic Cause + Treatment for Autoimmune and Female Reproductive Imbalances with an Ayurvedic Doctor

Season #2

Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum graduated Summa Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1984.  She immediately began her studies with Maharishi Ayurveda, obtaining Ayurvedic Practitioner certification in 1992. 

In the late 1990’s she began a 17-year one-on-one internship with Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra, an award-winning herbal formulator who hails from a 5,000 -year-old family lineage of Raj Vaidyas, treating the royalty of India. During her internship Vaidya Mishra taught her how to treat practically every disease, making over 500 herbal formulas for all the problems they were treating together.

Dr. Teitelbaum is now writing books, articles, blogs and courses based on the knowledge Vaidya Mishra imparted to her before his untimely passing in April of 2017. She runs an extremely busy Ayurvedic practice, treating all diseases, by addressing her patients’ imbalances, instructing them in diet and daily routine, and teaching them Ayurvedic cleansing techniques. 

🎙Intro w/Angelica: Energy Update for Kapha Season + ‘How to Cultivate Abundance in Your Body’ Training here

🎙How Dr.Marianne’s healing journey led her to building her own Ayurvedic business 

🎙The most common imbalances she sees in her practice and why

🎙The Ayurvedic cause of autoimmune diseases

🎙root cause of female reproductive imbalances and why it is an epidemic

🎙An Ayurvedic doctors favorite rituals and routines

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