Energy Update, Aliens + Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

Season #2

Alea Lovely is an Intuitive Consultant that has practiced as an Energy intuitive and Energy coach for the last 5 years. She grew up super religious and felt ashamed for having such spiritual experiences of seeing ghosts, hearing ancestors and having prophetic dreams. A major move forced her to awaken to her truest self and step into purpose. Today, she has helped thousands of people awaken back to their true selves through energy coaching, card readings, and her podcast- “Spiritual Shit” which has topped the charts , gaining a #1 spot on iTunes in America.

🎙Intro w/Angelica: Energy + Astrological Update.  Learn how to make your business authentically visible with the Divine Feminine Business Course. Learn more and sign up for a complimentary 15 min clarity call here.

🎙how to trust your intuition after growing up ashamed of having spiritual gifts

🎙The difference between aliens, spirit guides and angels

🎙How to balance being in the astral realm with being in your physical body

🎙Current energy themes right ow

🎙March energy forecast

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