How to be Authentically Visible + Successful for your Spiritual Business

Season #2

Pilar's body of work lives in the symbiosis of energy mastery and (what she has named) frequency first™ business. She has 15 years of experience in the healing arts and sciences, psychic development, and ancient wisdom. She marries this with over a decade of academic, professional, and rich entrepreneurial experience in communications, marketing, and business.

Pilar is fascinated by the intersection of frequency and form, intuition and logic, ancient and future, divine and human. She pours the many fruits birthed from this fascination into everything she offers. She hopes to be a model of life-giving success.


🎙Intro w/Angelica: Astrological Update + Bringing Joy Back into Your Dharma Class here. Learn how to make your business authentically visible with the Divine Feminine Business Course. Learn more and sign up for a complimentary 15 min clarity call here.


🎙Pilar’s spiritual journey + how why her  connection with her ancestors is so important


🎙How grief has shaped Pilar’s spiritual journey after losing her mother when she was 2


🎙How to differentiate between your needs and desires and your ancestors


🎙How she authentically markets and sells her offerings


🎙Creating a successful business


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