Is an Ayurvedic Cleanse Right for your Healing?

Season #2

Seasonal transitions are the perfect time to cleanse. However, an Ayurvedic cleanse isn’t necessarily for everyone. If your body has been craving a cleanse, listen to this episode with Ayurvedic Practitioner, Angelica, to see if this is the next step for your healing.


  • Intro w/Angelica - Astrological Update- Mercury + Mars go direct plus Saturn in Aquarius
  • The difference between western cleanses and an Ayurvedic cleanse
  • Who the Ayurvedic cleanse is for
  • Why you are plateaued with diet + lifestyle practices
  • What imbalances you can heal with a cleanse
  • How the cleanse can heal digestion and hormonal issues
  • The process of an Ayurvedic cleanse
  • How to heal emotionally


If you are interested in joining our Ayurvedic Cleanse, learn more here and sign up for your 15 min call here with Angelica.


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