Three Lessons I Learned in my Saturn Return

Season #2

Saturn has been in Capricorn for almost a three year cycle! On January 17th, Saturn will officially move into Aquarius. This means if you have Saturn in Capricorn natally, your Saturn Return will be complete. Although as difficult and challenging Saturn's lessons were, I am so grateful for building a solid relationship with this planet and the strength and confidence I gained from his wisdom. In this episode, I divulge the three biggest lessons I learned in my Saturn Return and how it changed my life.


In this episode, we dive into:

  • How Saturn taught me to trust my intuition
  • What does listening to your intuition look and feel like?
  • What is grief work and why it is fundamental for the healing journey
  • How accepting my losses helped me grow exponentially
  • How Saturn taught me to nurture my life force energy
  • Why rest is essential for my body + business


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