How to be a Successful Projector

Season #2

Sarah is an Integrative Counselor and the Deconditioning Specialist at the Projector Movement. She received her Master’s Degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies in East/West Psychology and has spent many years studying and working Projectors.  After running herself into the ground as a pharmaceutical sales specialist for ten years, Sarah went back to school in 2014 and earned her master's degree in East/West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. The primary focus of her studies was Indigenous and Earth-based somatic healing practices. After graduation, Sarah began her Integrative Counseling practice however was still finding herself burnt out and exhausted. On the brink of another health crisis, the stars and the universe miraculously aligned to guide Sarah to the Human Design System. Finding out she was a 5/1, Splenic, Projector was a life-changing moment that changed the course of her professional and personal life. After deeply diving into the deconditioning process herself, she has now spent the last five years of her private practice strictly working, teaching, and guiding Projectors.


In this episode we dive into:

  • Intro w/ Angelica: I am brewing up some exciting new offerings for 2023, and I cannot wait to share them with you! More opportunities to heal and transform. Stay tuned by following me on IG for sneak peeks.
  • What is human design and how to find which archetype you are. Go to Jovian Archive to look up your human design type.
  • How Sarah transitioned from pharmaceutical world to human design
  • What are Projectors in HD?
  • What psychological re-programming/limiting beliefs projectors hold on to
  • Why Projectors tend to burnout the most than any other type
  • What to do when you feel guilty for resting
  • How to 'wait for the invitation' and attract your clients to you
  • Practical lifestyle tips for living in harmony as a projector

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