How to Reclaim Your Power As a Healer

Season #2

Today you all have just me on the podcast! I will be chatting about how to reclaim our power as healers and dive into each of the dosha's limiting beliefs. Ultimately in order to grow your spiritual business it takes doing the inner healing work AND taking aligned action. Listen to this episode to find clarity on what is holding you back in your business and how you can move forward being your most authentic self.

In this episode we dive into:

  • Intro Angelica: Apply now for my 6-month program- the Ayurvedic Business Program. I will teach my 5 step process on how to face your fear of being seen and attract consistent clients for your business. I am offering a bonus offer for those that enroll before November 23rd, you will receive $500 off the entire program + a 60-minute one-on-one BONUS session with me
  • If you are wanting more support and understanding your subconscious belief patterns and how it affects your body and your business, I will be offering a FREE CHAKRA Healing Masterclass this Monday, November 21st at 12PM CST. You may register for the event here.
  • Kapha's subconscious limiting beliefs (i.e. avoidant tendencies, putting other's needs before your own)
  • Vata's subconscious limiting beliefs (i.e. spiritual bypassing, flee response)
  • Pitta's subconscious limiting beliefs (i.e. fight response, difficulty asking for help)
  • How you can apply your new belief systems + take aligned action for your business


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