Healing Trauma with Somatic Practices

Season #2

Marina is the compassionate somatic coach, working with people who want to experience more aliveness and deep transformation through a somatic, body-based approach addressing their stuckness, triggers, and regulating their nervous system.

 In this episode we dive into: 

  •  Intro w/Angelica: How to start to heal using imbalances in your body by using daily rituals and routine to avoid burnout. Finding clarity and structure for your spiritual business. 
  • How to navigate different levels of trauma
  • How to understand where these feelings of being unsafe actually developed during childhood.
  • How she managed clients with different kinds of trauma
  • How the fawn response is developed during childhood
  • Tips on how to respond to urgency
  • What does it mean having a trauma informed perspective
  • somatic healing practices to feel your emotions and heal trauma


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