How Brand Design Brings Your Spiritual Business to Life

Season #2

Haley is back on the podcast for another episode! In this convo, we talk about how Haley went from feeling totally burnt out with her dharmic business to transitioning to a more aligned offering. A lot of women in my community are evolving their dharmic offerings, so this episode will be super inspiring for you and give you lots of recos for making this sweet transition.

Haley Cole is a founder of Kingsbury Designs. She is an art major at the University of Connecticut for about five minutes before she realized she could be more effective learning about advertising and communication rather than just design. So, she graduated with a degree in Communication with a concentration in advertising and marketing. However, she have the heart of an artist. Because of this, she taught herself design in her spare time.

 In this episode we dive into: 

  •  Intro w/Angelica: My 5 step process to grow your spiritual social media account and attract aligned clients. Take your biz to the next level and Join the 5 day challenge here.
  •  how Haley transitioned from feeling burnt out with her dharma to aligning with her new business offering
  • what is brand design and how it is not just picking a logo and color pallette
  • what are the elements that go into a soul centered brand
  • how Haley shares her intuitive gifts when creating her client's brands
  • Haley's favorite tips for preventing burnout and staying aligned with your spiritual business.

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