How to Do a Tarot Reading with Integrity

Season #2

I am so excited to have Tess Traynor from Spellbinding, a professional tarot reader, on the podcast today! Pulling oracle cards (slightly different than tarot) is a daily practice for me and was actually a massive gateway into spirituality. We actually go into the difference between oracle and tarot cards in this episode as well as how you can start doing your own readings!

In this podcast we go into:

  • Intro w/Angelica - How to Navigate Pitta Season with best diet and lifestyle practices. For a full Pitta Season Guide, join the Divine Feminine Collective here.
  • How Tess become a professional tarot reader and organically become successful at it
  • The difference between tarot and oracle cards
  • The main mechanics of tarot
  • What are the major archanas in tarot?
  • My personal reading from Tess and how much it resonated with me
  • How you can start your own tarot practice
  • Collective themes in tarot readings right now
  • How Tess started her own witchy product line


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