Determining What Planetary Cycle (Dasha Period) is Currently Ruling Your Chart

Season #2

Anmoll, a Vedic Astrologer, is back for another episode on the show! I love how Anmoll empowers her clients to use their chart as a positive way to bring more joy and ease into their lives. In this episode, we wanted to breakdown what a dasha and tribhagi means. Dasha periods are ruled by a specific planet and can have a significant influence on your life. In this episode, Anmoll will discuss each dasha period and how to may be affecting your life.

In this episode we talk about:


  • Intro: Energy Update with Angelica + determining which dosha you relate to in relationships
  • A transformative experience Anmoll had with one of her clients
  • What a dasha is in vedic astrology?
  • What each dasha period means for you and how it influences your life
  • what the difference is between a dasha period, transits and saturn in return
  • What a tribhagi means and how it affects your chart


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