How to Change Your Destiny With a Palm Leaf Reading

Season #2

Dr. Q battled with cancer from 16-19 while living in Austria. Having survived cancer at such an early stage in his life opened up his mind and soul for spirituality and eventually led him to change his destiny with Indian Palm Leaf Readings.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Intro w/Angelica: Angelica shares an astrology update on what Saturn in Rx means and what blessings we can look forward to for June
  • Dr.Qs personal journey of being chronically sick and how he changed his life path
  • What an Indian Palm Lead Reading entails
  • How these readings are related to finding your dharma
  • Remedies for how to change your life path and bring more harmony into your life

Dr. Q Moayad is the Founder of the first Nadi Reading / Astrology institute in the west, the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute. These readings, done on ancient palm leaves, provide a projected forecast of one's life and arms the recipient with the means to help push their lives in the direction that they ultimately want it to follow. You may receive your reading from Dr. Q here.

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