How to Create Abundance with Life Changing Altars

Season #2

For decades, Robin Mastro has worked with students and clients to live healthier, more harmonious and productive lives with the power of Vastu. Vastu is a vedic science likened to the art of feng shui that removes blockages and brings harmony to the home. Robin has a master's degree in Altar Creations and specifically has a zone of genius for building altars for specific intentions like abundance, calling in relationships, new careers, etc. She is also the author of three award winning books, Altars of Power and Grace, The Way of Vastu and Making Room for Mr. Right.

In this episode, we cover:

  • intro w/Angelica: astrological update with Saturn in Rx and what to expect for the rest of June
  • how Robin was divinely guided by spirit to start creating altars with a shocking dream
  • how creating altars has changed Robin's life and her clients
  • how Robin uses the divine feminine energy in teaching the vedic sciences
  • her life changing stories for what people have manifested with simple altar creations like a man putting down his credit card on the altar and the next day getting a job promotion. He was passed up for this position for 3 years and didn't even go for the promotion this time around.
  • Plus! Robin is sharing a gift with our community. How to create a life changing altar for the Summer Solstice (click here for your gift!)


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