My Life Update + How to Step Into Your Power

Season #2

Welcome back to the Divine Feminine Healer's Podcast! After a three month break, I am so excited to be back in this space with you all. In this episode, you will hear:

-Why we dissolved Soulfull Veda (previous podcast + brand name)

-What my new business venture - The Divine Feminine Healer's Academy- is all about

-Energy Update: What has been happening astrologically with the last full moon lunar eclipse + Mercury Rx + best tips to find peace right now

-Summary of my 'Chakra Healing Masterclass' + biggest takeaways -the connection between the sacral + throat chakra and why its crucial for women

- why healers need to heal their solar plexus chakra + how its link to our fear of being seen

- how to step into your power + recommendations for healing the solar plexus chakra