Human Design for Parenting

Season #1 Episode #79

Allison Cullen is a Human Design Consultant and Host of the “You Do Woo” Podcast. She spent the past 15 years working as a business manager in the music industry, 10 years as a business coach in the health & wellness world, and also has a background in counseling.

In addition to Human Design readings, Allison also teaches online courses about manifestation, energetic decluttering, vision-boarding, and even taking a break from alcohol in order to tap into your intuition and divine gifts. Connect with her on Instagram or grab a freebie from her website.


Tune in to hear -

6:30 - Growing up in the bible belt

11:00 - Using Human Design with her daughter

15:30 - Reflector type and lunar being children

21:13 - Tips for each Aura Type of children

28:30 - Using Human Design for digestion

44:55 - Passive Digestion and how it impacts you

49:30 - An open chart and how to use it

53:00 - Emotional and Non-Emotional beings

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